Subway Hiring: Learn How to Easily Apply for a Job

Subway, with over 40,000 locations worldwide, is more than just fast food. By joining Subway, you’re stepping into a realm where earning and saving potential is real.

Dive into this guide to understand how to secure a position with this global brand. Here, we’ll break down the essentials, from skills to the application process.

Why Work at Subway?

Subway, a global fast-food giant, offers not just delicious meals but also a platform for financial growth. With over 40,000 locations worldwide, it’s a place where earnings meet opportunities.

  • Financial Growth at Subway: Working at Subway isn’t just about making sandwiches; it’s about making money. The potential for earnings and savings is significant, making it an attractive employment option.
  • Benefits Beyond Salary: Subway doesn’t stop at offering a competitive salary. Employees also enjoy perks like educational assistance and gym memberships, adding value to their overall compensation.
  • Earn Through Service: At Subway, exceptional customer service can lead to extra earnings. By providing top-notch service, employees have the chance to earn tips, boosting their overall income.

Key Skills Required for Subway Jobs

To thrive at Subway, whether at a local restaurant or in a corporate role, certain skills stand out. These skills not only enhance your job performance but also increase your chances of growth within the company.

Essential Skills for Subway Employment:

  • Communication: Vital for interacting with customers and team members.
  • Customer Service: Ensuring every customer leaves satisfied.
  • Work Ethic: Being dedicated and committed to your role.
  • Food Handling: Especially for roles directly dealing with food preparation.
  • Teamwork: Collaborating with colleagues for smooth operations.
  • Adaptability: Handling the fast-paced environment of a busy outlet.
  • Problem-solving: Addressing and resolving issues promptly.
  • Time Management: Efficiently managing tasks during peak hours.
  • Knowledge of Food Safety: Maintaining hygiene and safety standards.
  • Understanding of Company Policies: Especially if eyeing a corporate role.

Diverse Job Positions at Subway

Subway offers a plethora of job positions catering to various skills and experiences. From front-end roles interacting with customers to backend roles ensuring smooth operations, there’s a fit for everyone.

  • Sandwich Artist: The most common role in Subway stores. They prepare sandwiches, maintain store cleanliness, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Store Manager: Oversees the overall functioning of the store. This includes staff management, inventory checks, and customer service.
  • Assistant Store Manager: Supports the Store Manager in daily operations. They ensure the store runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Cleaning Staff: Ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of both the kitchen and dining areas. They play a pivotal role in maintaining Subway’s health standards.
  • Customer Service Staff: Engages directly with customers, takes their orders, and ensures they have a pleasant experience in the store.
  • Food Preparation Staff: Prepares the necessary ingredients for sandwiches and other products. They ensure fresh and quality ingredients are always available.
  • Shift Supervisor:  Manages the staff during specific shifts, ensuring smooth operations and addressing any immediate issues.
  • Cashier: Handles the financial transactions, ensuring accurate billing and providing change when necessary.
  • Delivery Driver: Ensures timely delivery of orders to customers, maintaining the quality and freshness of the products.
  • Training Manager: Responsible for training new employees, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle their roles efficiently.

Subway Salaries

Subway, as a global fast-food giant, offers competitive salaries to its employees. These salaries vary based on the role, experience, and location.

From entry-level roles like Bussers to specialized roles like Communication Specialists, Subway ensures fair compensation. Starting at around $9 per hour for Bussers, the pay can go up to $22 per hour for Communication Specialists.

Subway offers a range of roles, each with its unique salary structure. Here’s a breakdown of some popular roles and their average earnings:

  • Busser: Approximately $9 per hour.
  • Communication Specialist: Up to $22 per hour.
  • Sandwich Maker: Around $11.69 per hour.
  • Restaurant Manager: Can earn up to $19 per hour.
  • Food Service Worker: Expected salary of about $17 per hour.

The Online Application Process

Applying for a job at Subway online is straightforward and efficient. The digital process ensures that your application reaches the right people promptly.

Before diving into the step-by-step process, remember that applying online is not only convenient, but also allows you to explore various job listings tailored to your preferences and location. 

Here’s how you can navigate the online application:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Start by accessing Subway’s official website.
  2. Locate the Careers Section: On the homepage, click on the “jobs” or “careers” tab.
  3. Browse Job Listings: Explore the available job listings in your area or based on your preferences.
  4. Select a Position: Once you’ve found a role that aligns with your skills and interests, click on it for more details.
  5. Click ‘Apply’: You’ll find an “apply” button, usually located in the top right corner of the job listing page.
  6. Complete the Application Form: Fill in all the required details, ensuring accuracy. This might include personal information, job preferences, and answers to specific questionnaires.
  7. Attach Necessary Documents: If prompted, upload any necessary documents, such as your resume or certifications.

For a seamless experience, you can directly apply for Subway jobs here.

Benefits of Working at Subway

Subway isn’t just about sandwiches; it’s about building a career. The company stands out for its commitment to employee growth and financial well-being.

Here are some benefits you can expect:

  • Clear Career Path: Subway offers various professional trajectories, ensuring you always have room to grow.
  • Competitive Salaries: With earnings that stand out in the fast-food industry, your financial stability is prioritized.
  • Internal Promotions: The company believes in recognizing talent from within, often promoting existing employees before external hiring.
  • Educational Assistance: If you’re juggling work and studies, Subway supports your academic pursuits.
  • Additional Perks: From gym memberships to flexible schedules, the company ensures a work-life balance.

Tips for a Successful Application

Applying for a job at Subway is more than just filling out a form; it’s about showcasing your potential. To make a lasting impression, consider these tips:

  • Professionalism is Key: Always present your best self, whether it’s on paper or in person.
  • Know the Company: Familiarize yourself with Subway’s policies and values.
  • Highlight Relevant Skills: Emphasize experiences and skills that align with the job role.
  • Express Growth Aspirations: Show your eagerness to learn and climb the career ladder.
  • Engage During Interviews: Ask questions, seek clarifications, and thank the interviewer post-discussion.


Working at Subway isn’t just about the paycheck; it’s about the experience. It’s the chance to be part of a global brand that’s recognized and loved by millions. 

Beyond the monetary rewards, it’s the growth, the learning, and the camaraderie that truly stand out.

As you contemplate a career with Subway, remember that it’s more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to be part of a global story, to learn, to grow, and to make a mark.

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